Electronic Health Record

Electronic patient care records and electronic health records were introduced to facilitate the growing number of patients and health records our medical system has. Using this electronic health record, doctors are able to see more patients and keep record of media: x-rays, film, and photographs. These doctors know that using an electronic database of a patient's health record allow their medical practice to handle more clients and more records with less errors.
With the introduction and arrival of our product your medical company can improve record keeping, stop billing inaccuracy, use digital signatures and provide easy access to all of your medical records. Our electronic record system will allow you to produce a digital signature and electronic health record of any paper documents, to be easily stored and transported. The software will manage many different document types in a uniform electronic system. We offer your medical company an advantage. By migrating a person's health records into an electronic medical systemyou will reduce inaccuracies and improve the quality of your healthcare.

Benefits of Using Our Software for Medical Billing

EMRs We Work With

  • Levin Software-National Billing's EMR - Completely customizable
  • Practice Fusion-Free EMR, no hidden charges
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • Patagonia
  • Hellohealth
  • Vital Health
  • MD-IT
  • WebPT

A vast majority of patients still suffer because of inaccurate or medical errors. Your company can improve the quality of healthcare it provides by using electronic health records to help manage and determine your patient’s diagnosis. Access a patient’s entire medical record at your fingertips. View different media and data in uniformity. Keep and access medical records and previous diagnosis, while providing quality healthcare to more patients.

Using our software is the solution to storing and accessing all type of health records. In past cases our system has helped doctors manage their health records easier than before. Using an electronic format on all documents gave them the ability to keep and maintain more records for the growing number of patients visiting. Inaccurate billing became accurate and stored without damage or loss. Paper became a means of giving the client information, but all health records migrate into an electronic database. Storing files on all patients became more accurate without loss. Transporting health records became easier and access to other databases of healthcare information became possible.

Your company demands accurate and manageable records. Choose an electronic record system to manage and store all of your data in a digital record. Our clients have improved the quality of their healthcare and avoided mishaps or errors by using individual electronic health records for visiting patients. They were also able to access larger databases of health records. Your company, like our clientel, wished to keep record of the growing number of paper trails they have. A digital format will prevent loss and make managing, filing and record keeping easier.

Start great record keeping and succeed in improving healthcare. Give your doctors and nurses the capability of communicating electronically. An electronic health record holds the ability to store different types of media and data together. You will be able to access the entire health record from a mobile computer and improving diagnosis and healthcare because of better access and record storage. Migrate your health records into electronic health records and maintain a better relationship with more patients.

Using our software is the solution to storing and accessing all type of health records. Improving accuracy, and giving your doctors more access to stored information. The electronic health record will give your company the ability to manage more clientele and information. The medical professional will have access to patient’s health records at their fingertips. Deliver quality healthcare to your clientele. We can help.