Why should I spend all that money on a billing service when I can do it cheaper in-house?
In many cases, a billing service can be more cost effective than in-house billing. Our cost analysis on an "average" two to five doctor practice shows that our costs are comparable to the cost of staffing, office space, storage, etc for an in-house computer system. In addition, we estimate we can improve collections between 2% to 10% at the "average" practice.

How long have you been in business?
National Billing has been in business since 1995.

Why should we use National Billing?
Because of our experience, knowledge and equipment. All of our computer equipment and software is the most advanced in the medical billing field. Claims are scrubbed no less than three times to ensure accuracy and a clean claim. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable, and we offer a high level of personal service and commitment to your practice and your patients. We have been operating for over a decade, and keep on top of all the changes in the laws and regulations regarding medical billing.

Is it smart to let my billing go out to another company?
Industry experts agree that it can be extremely good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care, and intelligently "outsource" your ancillary functions, like billing.

National Billing specializes in medical practice billing and practice management software. Our senior staff averages over 15 years in the medical billing industry and are true physician oriented professionals.

How do we get the information to your company?
We have two options depending on the needs, size and volume of your office.

We recommend that you use our free patient scheduler/charge entry software which transmits the patient demographics and charges from your office to ours, saving on paper and time, and will increase your revenue by eliminated missed charges.

You also may scan the information directly into our computer system, or we will work with you on any other way that best suits your needs.

What are your fees?
Our general rate is as low as 6% of what we collect for you; if you don't get paid we don't get paid. Depending on volume and revenue the rate is negotiable.

Do you charge for extras? Such as re-bills, reports, patient statements, denials, etc?
No! All we charge is the flat rate, which includes all of our services.

Is there a set up cost?

Are you HIPAA compliant?
Yes and all the clients we do business with are compliant as well.

Are your claims submitted electronically?
Claims are submitted electronically to all insurance companies that accept electronic claims.

Do you follow up on denials and work appeals?

All denials are worked until resolved. Denials will be substantially smaller than now since the claims are sent virtually error free so non-payment is a rarity.We appeal your claims at no extra cost.

How long does it take to get started?
In most cases we can be up and running in a couple of weeks, sometimes it only takes a couple of days.

What type of edits does your software check for?

Our software first checks the claims to ensure all the information for a claim is present. These claims are then sent through our in house scrubber that mimics the Medicare scrubbing system. If Medicare would find an error we will find it before the claims is sent. These claims are then transmitted to our clearing house which checks the claims and ensures they match the criteria for each carrier, such as id field, and other edits each insurance carrier may have. I.e.: Medicare requires 9 digits than an alpha, AVMed needs 11 digits. The claims are then sent to the insurance carriers, which also scrub the claims. If there is no patient on file, it rejects back to us, if the policy is not in effect it rejects to us. These rejections are sent to us via computer not to you in an EOB.

Does it matter if our practice is not in Florida?

No! Many of our clients are out of the state of Florida; we can bill any insurance company in any state.

Is your web based system safe?
Yes. The entire site exceeds HIPAA standards and is encrypted using the same encryption as the banking and credit card industry. All users are logged and tracked.

What makes you think you can improve my collections?

First, we are experts in this field. We know how to do medical billing properly to maximize your reimbursements. Equally important, we concentrate on the billing without all the distractions that occur in a medical practice. We will periodically review your fee schedule to insure that your coding is done to your advantage. We can improve your cash flow, in many cases, by reduced data entry problems, improved claims tracking and turn-around time on rejected claims. We work your accounts receivable collections each and every month.

Why is your percentage rate sometimes higher than other billing companies? Our fees may be higher for a couple of reasons, the major reason is the large number of services that are included for one low rate. We provide many more services than other billing companies, such as taking patient calls, handling claim appeals, a software application that allows you to schedule your patients, help with insurance eligibility through our direct website and many more services, all of which are listed here on the SERVICES web page.

The second major reason is that we DO NOT outsource any of our billing to other countries to save on costs. We are proudly owned and operated in the United States, and not a front company for billers in India, or an Indian owned or foreign company. The majority of billing companies advertising and offering low rates are operating in foreign countries, or hire employees outside of the country so they can save money on employee costs.

We also offer excellent customer service, and each client is given a personal representative to handle their account. The majority of our billers have at least 10 years of medical billing experience, our senior staff having up to 15 years of experience. This personal service, and employees education levels gives our providers peace of mind that their billing is being handled by a certified coder with years of medical billing experience.

Why doesn’t National Billing outsource work to other countries if it saves the client money and reduces costs? We don’t outsource to other countries for a number of reasons. The first reason is that there are no controls and no way to know if the people outside of the U.S. are HIPAA compliant as they do not have to abide by the same laws and standards as companies operating in the United States have to abide by. There also is the high threat of identity theft and the sending of your patients protected information around the world. We will not and do not compromise our clients protected information just to save on expenses and make some extra profit at our clients expense. We pride ourselves in doing your work here in the USA and keeping jobs here in the USA.