National Billing’s Guarantee 

We guarantee to do the following: 
  1. Daily generation of all claims for faster reimbursement - Your claims are reviewed, scrubbed and submitted daily for faster reimbursement and improved cash flow. 
  2. Daily review of EOBs and immediate follow up on secondary claims and appeals - We review all ERA’s and EOB’s received daily, immediately following up to ensure maximum reimbursement, and generate any secondary claims. Daily review of all claim acceptance and denial reports from the insurance carriers - fixing claims as soon as a claim is rejected and resubmitting it the same day. 
  3. Run outstanding unpaid claims portal - Any unpaid claim after 20 days is sent to an “No Response bucket” for immediate review and resubmission, stopping the claims from aging and makes sure your claims are always being reviewed. 
  4. 100% claims payment is our goal - We understand that this is a high goal to achieve, and we strive to meet it, by submitting error free claims, fixing claims problems that might occur again in the future, timely fixing rejections and finding ways to ensure that every claim that is payable is paid timely and with maximum reimbursement. 
  5. Follow up on unpaid, denied or rejected claims - If you've provided a covered service, we will do our best to get that claim paid, it is what you hired us to do and what you expect us to achieve. 
  6. Money Back Reimbursement Guarantee - If a claim is not paid and has to be written off due to a billing error that is the sole fault of National Billing or the fault of a National Billing employee then we will reimburse the client the amount that the claim would have paid the provider!