12 Reasons to Choose National Billing

  1. National Billing is a one-stop, full service, practice management company, providing the practice with a comprehensive and cost effective solution to all of your billing needs. We personally take care of all your billing needs so you can take care of your patients’ needs.
  2. We are so confident in our services that we not only guarantee them in writing but we offer a money back guarantee that we will get your claims paid!
  3. All of our services are offered for one low rate. We do not have any hidden charges.
  4. Our services include FREE cloud based medical billing programs that allows you to enter in the charges, schedule your patients, and send the billing information directly to us in real-time. We also have 100% FREE EMR/EHR systems that you can choose from! Call for a free online demonstration of our software.
  5. We have been in business for over 18 years, and our staff is comprised of expert billers and certified coders. We know how to get your claims and paid quickly and efficiently.
  6. We do NOT outsource any work to foreign countries, nor do we allow our staff to work from home. Your data is kept secured in a Hipaa compliant office in the United States. We also ensure that all of our partners and vendors are HIPAA compliant.
  7. Our software and computer system have the latest in medical billing software and claims are sent out virtually error free. Each claim is scrubbed for accuracy with the same edits that Medicare and the insurance companies use to check for and errors and to meet the requirements for the codes. This scrubbing produces virtually error free claims that will ensure your claim gets paid and that all lines on the claim are paid and paid correctly!
  8. Your account is assigned to a representative that specializes in your medical field. This representative will answer all your questions regarding your account and give individual attention to your account.
  9. We offer a variety of reports for you to keep track of your billing, as well as many different financial reports.
  10. All claims are tracked and if a claim is not paid in 20 days from the date it was accepted by the insurance carrier it will be reviewed and followed up on! This means your aging is constantly being worked and no electronic claim goes more than 20 days without being followed up on by your biller.
  11. We have excellent, personalized customer service. Your calls are always answered by an account representative, not by voice mail. You can also speak to our client service manager or even the Founder and CEO at any time should the need arise. We understand your time is important and we work hard to try answering your questions the first time you call. What other billing company provides you direct access to the CEO?
  12. We do more than just submit your claims. We help you with the appropriate coding and pricing of your procedures. We review your insurance payments and procedure codes to ensure you are maximizing your reimbursement and guide you in ways to increase your reimbursement. We will identify areas in which changes can be made so you are getting the maximum reimbursement you are entitled to receive and our CEO will suggest new services you can offer to increase your revenue!