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Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for a Chronic Respiratory Disorder?
 Social Security disability benefits helps disabled Americans support themselves when they can’t work. The official name for these benefits is Social Security Disability Insurance. The disability lawyers at Summit Disability Law Group are completely dedicated to helping deserving people get these benefits.

Living with a disability is hard, and a new diagnosis can be frightening. Many people come to us with one simple question: does my condition qualify for benefits? Potential clients often ask us if they can get Social Security disability benefits for a chronic respiratory disorder. This page explains the answer to this question.

Breathing is essential to life. A respiratory disorder disrupts this basic, necessary function. Breathing problems can make it impossible to work and earn money. Social Security disability benefits are designed to help disabled Americans in this situation. If you are thinking about applying for benefits, our experienced lawyers know how to build your case!
When Does a Respiratory Disorder Qualify for Disability Benefits?
There are several different breathing disorders that can qualify for benefits. The Social Security Administration lists disabilities that may qualify in their “listing of impairments.” This page will explain how you can qualify with what the SSA calls a “chronic respiratory disorder.” You may qualify under this listing if you have one of the following conditions.

  • Pulmonary disease such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Asthma
These are some of the most common chronic respiratory disorders that qualify for SSDI. However, they are not the only qualifying conditions. If your respiratory condition meets one the following requirements, you may be eligible for benefits.

  • Your FEV1 measurement is low
Doctors use inhaling and exhaling tests to diagnose respiratory disorders. Your FEV1 measurement is one outcome of these tests. It measures the amount of air you exhale in 1 second after inhaling. If your FEV1 measurement is very low, you may meet this requirement.

  • Your FVC measurement is low
FVC measures the full amount of air you can forcefully exhale. If your FVC measurement is very low, you may meet this requirement.

  • Your respiratory gas exchange is impaired
“Gas exchange” refers to breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. There are several different tests that can show impaired gas exchange.

  • You are hospitalized due to respiratory problems 3 times within 12 months
If your chronic respiratory disorder causes you to be hospitalized 3 times within 12 months, you may meet this requirement. Each hospital stay must last at least 48 hours and be 30 days apart from the other stays.

As you can see, there are many ways to qualify for benefits with a respiratory disorder. Medical test results are essential. You can find the exact test requirements on the Social Security website. If you choose to work with Summit Disability Law Group, we will work with you to gather the evidence you need to build your best case.
Why Should I Apply for Disability Benefits?
The SSDI program helps disabled people who can no longer work and earn income. Disabilities leave millions of Americans facing serious financial difficulties. If a medical condition prevents you from supporting yourself, disability benefits can help.

If you worked and had Social Security taxes withheld from your paycheck, you have already paid into the system. It is your right to receive benefits if you qualify. SSDI will not replace all of your lost income, but it will provide helpful cash and medical benefits.

Cash benefits
When most people think of disability benefits, they think of cash benefits. These cash benefits generally come in the form of a monthly check. This monthly check can help you cover essential expenses as you live with your disability.

You can also receive cash benefits for the months before you applied for benefits, and for the months during the application process. These are called “retroactive” and “past-due” benefits. The experienced disability lawyers at Summit Disability Law Group know how to get you all the benefits you deserve.

Medical benefits
Monthly checks are not the only benefit that SSDI offers. Once you receive 24 months of Social Security disability benefits for a chronic respiratory disorder, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare.
Can a Lawyer Help Me Get Social Security Disability Benefits?
Disability claimants often ask us how they can help their cases. The best thing you can do for your case is hire an experienced disability lawyer. The disability claims process can be long and extremely frustrating. Applications are filled with legal jargon, and many claims are denied at first. Too many deserving people give up on their claims without speaking to an attorney.

The disability lawyers at Summit Disability Law Group are experienced and know how to make your claim as strong as possible. Our firm is completely dedicated to representing Utah’s disability claimants. We know that hiring a lawyer can seem expensive, but our services are designed to be affordable for you. We offer the following resources to all of our clients.
No legal fees unless your claim is successful
Some disability lawyers charge expensive hourly fees, but not us! At Summit Disability Law Group, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not pay us any legal fees unless we win your claim and you get the benefits you deserve. This is our “No Fee Guarantee.”
Free case consultations
You deserve to know your rights without costly fees or obligations. For this reason, we offer free disability case consultations. You can request a consultation today by filling out the request form on the top of this page.
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